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The Power of Networking

In the highly competitive world of aesthetic medicine, new companies entering the industry are likely overwhelmed with its complexity. At times, it can be downright terrifying to go it alone! When starting a new business, your primary concern is generating business to become successful. In aesthetics, it’s all about the patients. You need to learn how to get patients coming through your doors – and how to get them to keep coming back.

After five years of running my own aesthetics practice, I decided to enter the training arena. Generating interest and attracting students felt like a daunting task. By relying on my previous experience, I learned that the most effective way to create a new patient base was via word-of-mouth. But how was I supposed to get new patients at a national level without spending a massive amount of money I didn’t have on web ads? I started by using basic SEO techniques like tag words in blog posts. Then I branched out and began my search for networking opportunities.

I first heard of BEVL, a mobile community for professionals in medical aesthetics, through the connections I’d established with regional sales representatives and training websites. Their community provided me with knowledge that added a great deal of value to my aesthetic practice. Connecting with other providers in the aesthetic industry across the nation has been immensely beneficial to both my private practice and my training business.

I was only aware of one education program when I went to basic injection training in 2012. Today, there are several to choose from. While having so many options is helpful, it can be challenging for a new training provider to become recognized in the industry.

Using BEVL to connect and correspond with potential aesthetic providers has helped Pacific Northwest Aesthetics Academy to steadily increase our national visibility. Just recently, two students from Arizona attend our Basic Aesthetics Training Course at Pacific Northwest Aesthetics Academy in Oregon. Both of these students first heard of our program through BEVL. The experience was eye-opening for me, as one of the largest aesthetics training programs in the US is located in the home state of my new students.

Networking has been essential for creating the word-of-mouth element in the national marketplace my business needed to succeed. Entering the field of aesthetics or aesthetics training can be overwhelming at first, but it’s important to remember that you don’t have to go it alone. There’s always a community ready to help – you just need to know where to look.

Wendy at Pacific Northwest Aesthetics Academy, Portland OR

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