Medical Spa Training Package


If you are looking to expand your medical spa certifications, our medical spa training courses are the best way to add to your level of expertise and expand your marketability in this rapidly growing field of medical aesthetics.


PNAA medical spa training allows you to earn medical spa certifications and credits in five days. Our packages were created for medical providers looking to expand their skin care skills and earn credits in a small class size. In addition to our industry professionals sharing knowledge, they will provide hands-on experience with models. We want you to feel confident after completing our medical spa training sessions.

Day One

Skin Care for the Medical Provider


Chemical peels, IPL, Micro needling, Sclerotherapy, and didactic covering body contouring
It is critical for patient retention to add skin care treatment to your existing practice. You will learn the full skin care treatment process through this medical spa training course. By focusing on chemical peels, IPL, microneedling, sclerotherapy, and didactic covering body contouring, this course will enable you to provide quality skin care treatment while maximizing the return on your investment. We offer hands-on medical spa training sessions with models to cover the basics of skin assessment, developing treatment plans, chemical peels, microneedling, IPL, and body contouring.

Day Two

Basic neuromodulator injection training


We will teach the overview of the history of neurotoxins, followed by extensive classroom discussion of mechanism, efficacy, adverse reactions, and treatment considerations of neurotoxin injections. Hands-on experience with models will follow instruction on patient assessment and injection techniques.

Day Three

Basic Filler injecting


You will be introduced to the many different types of dermal fillers. We demonstrate consultation techniques to determine the best choice of treatment to maximize your patient’s satisfaction. You will learn how to exam facial structures and discuss anatomical changes as people age. Before hands-on practice with models, we will cover injection techniques, adverse reactions, and solutions to common filler issues.


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Day Four

PRP and PDO Thread


Day four involves our advanced medical spa training. For PRP training, we will discuss how patients utilize their growth cells to stimulate new tissue production. Treatment areas include didactic and hands-on practice. Our PDO Threads course will review this innovative treatment that uses PDO sutures to lift sagging tissue anywhere on the body.

Day Five

(optional for additional $1000)

Advanced filler (mid face and cannula) and Business Strategies

Day five is optional for an additional $1000. The advanced filler medical spa training will build on your basic filler medical spa training course. Our business strategies course will examine the business practices of a spa, med spa, or medical office. We will analyze the business structure and marketing strategies to target areas for growth and maximize the profit margins. Our business consultants are industry professionals with years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine.

This package is available every weekend that our basic course is offered and earns a total 24.25 CEU.