Basic Aesthetic Injection Training

It sounds simple, but what exactly does Botox Injection Training cover? Many people ask us what the Pacific Northwest Aesthetics Academy’s Basic Injection Training course entails, and what makes our class different.

First of all, “Botox” training implies an instruction of how to administer a specific product brand. At PNAA we’re dedicated to remaining brand neutral. During our Basic Aesthetic Injection Training, students learn how to inject all three brands of Botulinum Toxin A currently available in the United States: Botox (ona-Botulinum Toxin A, Allergan), Xeomin (inco-Botulinum Toxin A, Merz) and Dysport (abo-Botulinum Toxin A, Galderma).

It’s important for a new injector to understand the differences and similarities of all three neuro-modulators. From a business perspective, as well as a patient point-of-view, this knowledge is critical to success.


50% of class time devoted to real patients

The technical aspect of the injection process is covered thoroughly. Fifty percent of class time is devoted to practicing on real patients. There are some clinicians who’ve been injecting medication for their entire careers. For them, the transition to injecting aesthetic medications is relatively easy.

However, sometimes the best injectors are those that have never injected before. A  dermatologist recently attended the training who’d previously been on the pathology side of dermatology; spending most of her career in the lab examining tissue samples.

Not only did this doctor excel at her injection technique, but her assessment/consultation skills were incredibly accurate. Some people are “naturals” and make outstanding injectors regardless of their past experience.

The assessment and consultation of patients is another area that many other courses overlook. We believe this to be an integral part of the aesthetic treatment process. Without exceptional assessment skills, it’s difficult to determine the best course of treatment for your patients.

Patients want the best treatment, and if you can provide it to them, they will remain loyal. A personal relationship develops between injector and patient, much like a hair stylist and client. Injectors become therapist, confidante and friend. It’s not a relationship to be taken lightly, and one which can reap great rewards for both patient as well as provider.

These are just three of the many ways that PNAA programs differ from others. We are committed to turning out competent, confident injectors who are prepared to set the bar high in the aesthetics industry.

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